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World’s Top 8 Manufacturers Designing Stylish and Luxurious Energy Pods For Offices, Healthcare Centers, and Airports

Kshamata Joshee 1 year ago 5 min read

Though sleep is one of the most basic necessities of human beings, hectic lifestyles, stressful working hours, frequent traveling or prolonged health conditions often lead to insufficient sleep or sleep deprivation. This, in turn, has a negative effect on health, work, and overall productivity. To cater to this problem, many corporate offices, airports, capsule hotels, schools, and hospitals are steadily deploying modern and fully equipped energy pods.

Energy pods, also known as nap pods, nap capsules, or sleep pods are special types of chairs or structures used in corporate, workplaces, or airports that allow people to take short naps whenever necessary. Workplaces and leading companies such as Google, Zappos, Procter & Gamble, Facebook, and Hootsuite among others have installed energy pods to allow their employees to take power naps for 20 to 30 minutes at work in order to enhance their creativity, productivity, and alertness. Many airports across the globe have also installed sleep pods to let passengers rest between connecting flights or long traveling hours. These energy pods are a practical replacement for nap rooms due to their compact nature and requirement for less space. 

Energy pods allow users to relax and take private sleep breaks in between their work and are often equipped with ambient features such as a built-in timer, privacy visor, usage tracking, guided relaxation, and specifically composed sleep music. At the end of nap, the sleep pods wake up the user with a gentle, effective combination of sound, vibration, and light. The design of the energy pod is such that it keeps the body in a zero gravity position and helps the heart to pump slowly as the feet are elevated and knees are bent. Energy pods help in boosting alertness and productivity of the user. Some of the currently available energy pods include compact nap pods, single nap pods, double nap, and multiple nap pods. 

The global energy pods market is expected to reach USD 84.94 million in 2032 and register a rapid revenue CAGR of 6.22% during the forecast period. This can be attributed to factors such as increasing awareness about benefits of energy pods at workplaces and public places, rising incidence of sleep deprivation and sleep disorders, high focus on human welfare, and rising need to take necessary naps for improving health and efficacy. 

Many leading manufacturers are using innovative technology to develop comfortable, luxurious, and fully equipped sleep pods to cater to rising demand for advanced energy pods from corporate offices, railway stations, airports, and other public places.

Here are top 8 leading companies in the world that design stylish and luxurious energy pods.

  • MetroNaps
  • GoSleep
  • Podtime
  • HOHM Inc.
  • Kotobuki Seating Co. Ltd
  • Sleepbox
  • Shenzhen Pengheng Capsule Hotel Equipment Co., Ltd
  • NapCabs GmbH


MetroNaps: Energy at Work is a US-based company focused on developing novel, innovative and elegant solutions for various industries for restoring and enhancing employees’ energy and productivity. MetroNaps became the first company to develop and launch EnergyPod, an energy pod designed for napping in the workplace. Through this patented solution, MetroNaps has created a gold standard that provides unique functionality, requires low space, and is effective in overcoming stigma related to sleep. The company offers a wide range of comfortable and stylish sleep pods with privacy visors, interface consoles, timed waking, and built-in speakers that allow users to take a short nap of 10-15 minutes to boost alertness and productivity. These energy pods are widely deployed in offices, hospitals, fitness centers, and universities.


GoSleep is a Finnish innovation company that has designed and developed a full-service airport concept to optimize the well-being of travellers by allowing them to take a nap even in busy environments. GoSleep has provided this unique concept to several airports across the globe in order to improve passenger experience and convert unproductive airport spaces to revenue-earning spots. GoSleep pod is a stylish, sleek chair used by tired passengers in need of rest and provides a perfect rescue to rest in a busy airport. The energy pod has a storage space under the seat that can be used for keeping hand luggage while resting. In addition, the chairs have USB cables and main chargers which enable the users to charge their laptops and cell phones for their onward journey.


Located in United Kingdom and started in 2011, Podtime is one of the leading manufacturers of office sleep pods offering high quality, supreme design, comfort, and durable energy pods. The company has successfully shipped sleep pods to over 20 countries across the globe and is focused on updating its products and technology to ensure maximum comfort and smooth operations and reach every corner of the world. Original sleep pod and ultra sleep pod are two popular energy pods developed by Podtime that are equipped with features such as finger touch door operations, partial external noise reduction, built-in timer, and privacy visor among others.


HOHM Inc. is a US-based wellness and fitness company located in California that offers a wide range of custom-engineered and soundproof energy pods designed to provide safe, comfort, and privacy to meditate, nap, or escape from stressful situations. In addition, HOHM partners with several companies, hospitals, and universities for improving health and well-being of individuals. HOHM has also developed an app that lets the user book energy pods online for specific hours.

Kotobuki Seating Co. Ltd

Kotobuki Seating Co. Ltd is a Japanese-based manufacturer and supplier of various types of seating for theatres, universities, schools, stadiums, cinemas, and public arenas. The company also manufactures and distributes sleep capsules that have become an economical accommodation in Japan and many countries across the globe.


Sleepbox is an intelligent micro-hotel company based in Boston, United States, focused on revolutionizing hotel stays. The company offers capsule rooms, and sleep pods for public areas such as exhibition centers, public and shopping centers, airports, and train stations where individuals can rest and relax while waiting for their flight or train. The Sleepbox unit at airports is equipped with LED reading lamps and sockets for charging laptops, and mobile phones and consists of 2 beds that can be rented for 30 mins to several hours.

Shenzhen Pengheng Capsule Hotel Equipment Co. Ltd

Shenzhen Pengheng Capsule Hotel Equipment Co. Ltd is a Chinese manufacturer and seller of capsule sleeping beds. The company is focused on developing novel and innovative energy pods along with space capsule beds, space bed equipment, and pod bed equipment that are widely deployed across railway stations, airports, and other public areas.

NapCabs GmbH

NapCabs GmbH is a Germany-based transportation service provider offering a wide range of energy pods to passengers to enhance comfort inside airport terminals. Napcabs have been successfully installed at Munich, Berlin, and Frankfurt airports that offer a private hideaway from airport noise and stress. Booking is easy and instant, via the touchscreen present on the front of the cabin. Individuals can easily rest for several hours before their flight time.